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On a mission to curtail the “entitlement” attitude and restore responsibility

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As featured on the Glenn Beck program
The Three Deceivers - Richard M. Eyre
New York Times #1 Best Selling Author
How Today's Obsession with
Control, Ownership, & Independence
is Destroying the Quality of Our Lives

Control, Ownership and Independence... these are time-honored and highly desirable concepts, right? Wrong! According to New York Times #1 best selling author, Richard Eyre. He sees Control, Ownership, & Independence as The Three Deceivers. Why? Because not only are they unobtainable, they are actually undesirable! Having more control, more ownership, and more independence are the wrong goals, says Eyre. Their elusive pursuit draws us away from God and diminishes our relationships with other people.

At a time of huge uncertainty in our world, Eyre attests that his new book strikes at the very heart of the three chief contributors to unhappiness and frustration in our lives. Glenn Beck agrees. Richard not only exposes and debunks The Three Deceivers but more importantly he introduces the reader to The Three Alternatives --- (which comprises the second half of the book) those goals and attitudes that will lead us to happier, more spiritually satisfying and stress free lives.

The book is written in a clever and interesting way so that it is really two books in one. The two books can be read from either side, but says Eyre, readers must start with The Three Deceivers before reading The Three Alternatives in order to extract the maximum effect that the author has prepared in adopting this unique writing style.


“I found the section on serendipity just absolutely mind-boggling. I had never heard this before. I just think it is one of the best things that I have read and it is so incredibly true.”
-Glenn Beck- 


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